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Understanding Faro's Warranty Options

Investing in high-quality hardware comes with the expectation of reliability and performance. To enhance the customer experience and provide peace of mind, FARO offers a range of warranty plans tailored to meet various needs. From the Manufacturer's Standard Warranty to the Ultimate Uptime plan, each option is designed to ensure that your FARO hardware product product in optimal condition throughout its lifecycle.
Manufacturer’s Standard Warranty:
Upon the purchase of any FARO hardware product, customers automatically receive the Manufacturer's Standard Warranty at no additional cost. This robust warranty plan includes a comprehensive set of benefits:

a. Free Technical Support: Access expert assistance through email, phone, and a self-help knowledge base.

b. Coverage for Parts, Labour, and Return Shipping: Experience worry-free support with all essential repair components and shipping charges covered.

c. Service Completion Target: Enjoy a swift turnaround, with a service completion target of 7-14 working days from the receipt of your device.

d. Multi-point Checkup: Benefit from a thorough multi-point checkup with any service.

e. Specific Device Coverage: The warranty coverage is tailored to the purchased device and begins upon shipment.

f. Exclusions: Shipping charges exclude custom brokerage fees, duties, taxes, and VAT.
Shared Care:
For those looking to reduce unexpected repair costs, FARO offers the Shared Care plan. This option provides inclusive labour costs and a 30% discount on repair parts. Customers can also opt for an annual calibration at a 50% discount, ensuring ongoing system performance.
Complete Care:
Extend the benefits of the Manufacturer's Standard Warranty with FARO's Complete Care plan. This comprehensive option covers everything included in the Manufacturer's Standard Warranty and adds an annual cleaning, calibration, and re-certification service with each year of warranty purchased.
Ultimate Uptime:
Minimize downtime and ensure continuous productivity with the Ultimate Uptime plan. This plan can be purchased at any time to upgrade existing warranties or extend active service plans. The Ultimate Uptime plan includes everything from the Complete Care plan, along with shipping charges to and from the factory. Additionally, customers benefit from a loaner device shipped the next business day for all services, including repairs, annual cleaning, calibration, and re-certification.
a. Note: EMEA customers located outside the EU may incur an additional yearly fee.
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FARO's array of hardware warranty plans reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction and product longevity. Whether it's the inclusive Manufacturer's Standard Warranty, the cost-effective Shared Care, the comprehensive Complete Care, or the downtime-minimizing Ultimate Uptime, FARO provides options that cater to diverse needs. These plans not only safeguard your investment but also underscore FARO's dedication to delivering top-notch support and service for their hardware products.

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