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FARO Sphere

    FARO Sphere


    Reality Capture, Data Processing and Information Sharing at Anytime, Everywhere

    FARO Sphere is a cloud-based platform designed to facilitate the exchange of data, particularly for remote collaboration on 360° and 3D projects. The platform provides a seamless user experience across various FARO point cloud and 360° reality capture applications and service-oriented platforms. It uses a secure, single sign-on process to ensure centralized access.

    FARO Sphere Viewer

    One of the core components of FARO Sphere is the FARO Sphere Viewer, a cloud-based solution that allows viewing and sharing of 3D point cloud and HoloBuilder 360° projects in a single platform. It is particularly useful for 4D construction progress management, enabling comparison of elements over time and providing project managers and VDC managers with democratized data. By eliminating the need to use multiple platforms, FARO Sphere Viewer ensures that data is de-siloed, easy to use, and enables accurate and up-to-date 4D progress documentation.

    FARO Stream mobile app

    FARO Stream mobile app is another key aspect of the FARO Sphere platform. It provides interoperability with FARO Focus and enables on-site pre-registration of data. This functionality ensures that users acquire complete data capture with confidence. Once uploaded, global teams can access the data immediately and download it again off-site. Point cloud registration is completed using FARO SCENE Software, providing project stakeholders with a direct line of sight on all completed projects.


    FARO Sphere