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Workflow: FARO As-Built Software Suite with 3D Laser Scanner for Architectural Firms

3D laser scanning rapidly captures accurate site data, reduces the need for extensive on-site visits and expedites project timelines. The precision of 3D laser scanning enhances design accuracy, minimizing errors during construction and mitigating risks. Additionally, improved collaboration and visualization capabilities contribute to smoother workflows and client communication.

While the initial investment for a 3D laser scanner can be significant, the lasting benefits in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction position 3D laser scanning as a valuable tool for architectural processes.

Below is a general workflow for architectural firms using a 3D laser scanner such as the FARO Focus Premium with the As-Built Software Suite:
1. Project Planning
Identify the project scope and objectives.
Determine the areas or structures to be scanned.
Establish a timeline and budget for the scanning process.
2. Site Survey and Scanning
Deploy the 3D laser scanner to the project site.
Set up the scanner at strategic locations to capture a comprehensive point cloud of the site.
Ensure that all relevant details, including architectural features, dimensions, and existing conditions, are captured.
3. Data Processing
Utilize the As-Built Software Suite to import data from FARO Laser Scanners and convert it into textured meshes.
View data in 2D, 3D, and virtual reality for comprehensive analysis.
Create video renderings and fly-through videos using the imported and modelled data for effective stakeholder communication.
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4. Documentation
Create sections and slices from the point cloud.
Automatically extract line models and orthoimages for floor, elevation, and facade plans.
Export results to a preferred CAD system via .dxf file format.
5. Client Presentation
Present the 3D model to the client for review and approval.
Use the model to communicate design concepts and demonstrate how the proposed project will integrate with the existing site.
6. Construction and Monitoring
Use the 3D model for construction coordination and planning.
Monitor construction progress against the 3D model to identify any deviations or issues.
7. As-Built Documentation
After construction is complete, use the 3D laser scanner to capture as-built conditions.
Update the 3D model to reflect the final state of the project for future reference and facility management.

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