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Emlid Reach RS3
Emlid Reach RS3

    Emlid Reach RS3


    184 channels
    Only 950 grams
    LoRa radio technology
    E-Bubble sensor
    10 Hz GPS / 5 Hz GNSS update rate
    22 hours operation
    16 GB internal storage

    High-precision RTK GNSS Receiver with Tilt Compensation

    The Reach RS3 is a versatile RTK GNSS receiver designed for surveying tasks in challenging environments. It offers tilt compensation, ensuring survey-grade precision even in difficult-to-reach locations, and supports multi-band base and rover operation. With IMU-based tilt compensation, it can make accurate measurements at tilt angles of up to 60 degrees while maintaining 20 mm accuracy. The receiver quickly initializes, provides a centimeter-accurate solution within 5 seconds, and supports various satellite systems. It has a built-in LTE modem for correction data and can work with NTRIP, CORS, and third-party bases. Dual-band radio options include LoRa and UHF for flexible connectivity. The Reach RS3 comes with software tools for field and office tasks, offers IP67 waterproofing, and features a robust industrial battery for extended usage in extreme conditions.  

     Working Time Up To Internal Radio
    Ingress Protection

    22 Hours

    LoRa Technology



    Simplicity and Durability Redefined 


    No Calibration Needed


    Each Reach RS3 unit undergoes individual factory calibration, ensuring a seamless setup experience right out of the box.

    Magnetic Interference Resistance

    Unaffected by magnetic disturbances, the RS3 delivers reliable tilt compensation, even in proximity to metal structures.

    Quick Start-Up


    Tilt initialization merely requires around 20 meters of walking or 10-20 seconds of tilting, often ready before you reach your destination from the car.

    Accurate results even when dealing with large tilt angles

    Thanks to the IMU-based tilt compensation feature of Reach RS3, you can obtain measurements with a tilt of up to 60 degrees and maintain accuracy within 20 mm.

    Reach RS3 continuously monitors and adjusts for tilt in real-time to ensure you remain on target.


    Reach RS3

    Fast and Reliable GNSS receiver

    Reach RS3 can acquire a precise fix in just 5 seconds, maintaining its reliability even under conditions where the sky view is partially obstructed or when the receiver is tilted. Additionally, the device supports RINEX logging, allowing users to record raw data for post-processing with software like Emlid Studio or other RINEX-compatible applications such as OPUS, AUSPOS, and PPP services, ensuring highly accurate results globally.

    With its built-in industrial-grade battery, Reach RS3 can operate continuously for up to 22 hours on a single charge, making it ideal for extended fieldwork. Charging is made convenient through USB-C, and the device even features a built-in LTE modem, enabling the use of a SIM card for broadcasting or receiving corrections via NTRIP. Reach RS3 is a versatile and dependable GNSS receiver for various applications.

    Durable and Compact Design: The Reach RS3 boasts a rugged and compact build, measuring 126 x 126 x 142 mm and weighing in at 950 grams. It holds an impressive IP67 rating, guaranteeing waterproof capabilities up to one meter depth. All connectors are safeguarded from water and dust thanks to silicone plugs that seal them securely.

    Reliable Industrial Battery: The Reach RS3 features a robust Li-Ion battery that excels in both high and low-temperature environments. It can withstand over 2000 cycles of charging and discharging while maintaining its original capacity. This means while others are busy hot-swapping batteries, your Reach RS3 continues to work seamlessly.

    Extreme Temperature Resilience: the Reach RS3 was subjected to rigorous testing in conditions that mimic the harshest winters and hottest summers, demonstrating its operational range from -20 to +65 ºC.

    Built to Last: Crafted from polycarbonate and coated with elastomer, the Reach RS3's construction renders it impact-resistant and capable of enduring the most demanding conditions. Whether it's a fall or challenging environment, your Reach RS3 is built to withstand it all.

     Software for the Field and the Office Included


    Emlid Flow

    Emlid Flow efficiently manages all field-related tasks, including receiver configuration, RINEX logging, data collection, and stakeout.

    The basic features are available for free to all users. Upgrade your Emlid Flow and Flow 360 with a single subscription.

    Tilt Compensation
    Data collection and stakeout
    Base shift
    Base and rover setup
    Background maps
    CSV, DXF, SHP export and import
    Sync up to 3 devices


    Emlid Flow 360

    You can access your survey data via the cloud-based Emlid Flow 360. It allows you to prepare, manage, and export your projects from a browser.

    The basic features are available for free to all users. Upgrade your Emlid Flow and Flow 360 with a single subscription.

    Add WMS/WMTS layers
    Satellite map
    Create custom survey codes libraries
    Export and import of survey data
    Project management and sync
    ​​ ​

     Emlid Studio

    Free post-processing software for macOS and Windows.

    Learn more about Emlid Studio here.

    Kinematic processing
    Static processing
    RTK Drone data processing
    Raw data analysis
    Stop & Go with Emlid Flow

    Emlid Caster

    Connect up to 10 rovers to your base station via the internet or set up your own NTRIP network with Emlid Caster.

    Learn more about Emlid Caster here.

    Available for free and works worldwide
    Works with Reach and other receivers with NTRIP support
    RTCM3 and other correction formats support
    Up to 5 bases and 10 rovers at the same time



    In the package

    Reach RS3

    LoRa antenna

    USB cable

    Carrying case with a strap