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Stonex UT Series Rugged Tablets
Stonex UT Series Rugged Tablets
Stonex UT Series Rugged Tablets
Stonex UT Series Rugged Tablets
Stonex UT Series Rugged Tablets

    Stonex UT Series Rugged Tablets

    Stonex UT series rugged tablets are designed for any application with Android and Windows options, plus a variety of screen sizes. All tablets have built in GNSS and are compatible with your software of choice.

    Rugged Tablets

     Working Time Screen Size

    10 hours

    6", 8", or 10"

    1080 x 1920 


    UT12P Rugged Tablet  | 6" Rugged Tablet Android

    UT12P is a compact Android tablet, its efficiency and performances make it suitable for working in difficult conditions.

    It has been designed to be handy and pocket-sized with a very visible screen, with which you can easily interact, using all the standard touch gestures. This device is optimized to work for an extended period without stopping, it is made for demanding tasks.

    UT12P will work restlessly anywhere, anytime!

    UT32 Rugged Tablet | 8" Rugged Tablet Android

    UT32 is a convenient Android 10 tablet, it is thin but resistant, the best choice when visibility is the main key, but the size needs to be limited.

    This device is neither small nor large, and this feature is among the most appreciated by users of rugged tablets. It is built to be durable, reliable and to excel in numerous fields of application.

    With UT32 you will not be disappointed!

    UT56 Rugged Tablet | 10.1" Rugged Tablet Android

    UT56 is a new Android device, it is the perfect balance between modern OS, visibility and durability. It is built for those who need a light and manageable device but also need a large display.

    The design and compactness enhance the simple and modern aesthetic appearance, but its resistance makes it suitable for working in difficult conditions. The UT56 will work with style and strength!

    UT50 Rugged Tablet | 10.1" Rugged Tablet Windows

    UT50 is an advanced Windows tablet, this is a tablet chosen by those who do not accept compromises, need to have power, high standards of performance and quality.

    The device is perfect to be mounted on vehicles or to work partly on desks and partly on the move. It is chosen by users who need to process and store data and need to have a visible and comfortable dimension. With UT50 you will exceed expectations!

    SRT10W Rugged Tablet | 10.1" Rugged Tablet Windows

    SRT10W is a light Windows Stonex tablet, thanks to its robustness and reliability, this device is suitable for working in demanding environments. It was born to withstand high impacts, scratches, extreme temperatures, wear and tear.

    It is comfortable and easy to handle, it guarantees maximum visibility, responsiveness and high standards of performance. With SRT10W you will have no limits!