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Handheld NAUTIZ Series
Handheld NAUTIZ Series
Handheld NAUTIZ Series
Handheld NAUTIZ Series
Handheld NAUTIZ Series
Handheld NAUTIZ Series
Handheld NAUTIZ Series
Handheld NAUTIZ Series

    Handheld NAUTIZ Series

    Handheld rugged devices are not just IP65 rugged mobile computers, but also complete mobile computing solutions. Together with our partners, we offer complete field working solutions based on our rugged tablets.

    Ultra-rugged Efficiency

     Operating System Display

    Android or Windows

    8" or 10" Display

    IP65 or IP67

    Down to -30C



    NAUTIZ X2 Rugged Handheld  | 4.7" Android

    The Nautiz X2 is the most compact and comfortable rugged handheld available. It is a true all-in-one: a computer, a scanner, a camera, and a phone. No other handheld offers the small size, lightweight, and sleek design of the Nautiz X2.


    NAUTIZ X41 Rugged Handheld  | 4" Android

    It’s a touchscreen world — but some applications still require a real numeric keypad. The rugged Nautiz X41 offers both. Running powerful Android 9.0, it comes with your choice of a 1D scanner or 2D imager, plus an 8-megapixel camera, NFC and generous storage. This rugged handheld captures data through capacitive touch gestures or physical buttons, and protects your information thanks to integrated security and communications features.

    NAUTIZ X6 Rugged Handheld | 6" Android

    The Nautiz X6 ultra-rugged Android phablet is ideal for rough-and-tumble applications like surveying and GIS, with a superior u-blox NEO-M8N receiver for highly accurate navigation using GPS or Galileo. In the warehouse, read NFC tags, or use one-button scanning to track virtually anything. The high-res rear/front cameras capture detailed images, and an array of sensors carry the load for a multitude of tasks. The Nautiz X6 fits perfectly in your mobile workforce — whether you are in utilities, foodservice, field service, GIS, warehousing, or logistics.


    NAUTIZ X9 Rugged Handheld | 5" Android

    The Nautiz X9 is a feature-full rugged handheld with plenty of computing power, a scanner, camera, 4G/LTE phone and NFC, plus all the capabilities that come with the Google GMS license, such as access to Play Store and Google Maps.
    This rugged data collector is powered by a quad-core processor and runs Android 7.0 (Nougat). It has plenty of RAM and storage to handle a wide range of field tasks, and it features a sunlight-readable 5-inch capacitive display with multi-touch sensitivity and specially hardened glass.

    NAUTIZ X8 Rugged Handheld | 4.7" Android or Windows

    The Nautiz X8 won’t just keep up with you — it’ll lead the way. This dynamic handheld features a high-speed Texas Instruments 4470 dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB of iNAND Flash and a 5200 mAh Li-ion battery that lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge. A choice of operating systems — Android 4.2.2 or Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 — allows you to choose the most suitable platform for your needs.